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Turbo Charging Your Company’s Twitter Marketing Debut…

Written on September 28, 2015 by

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Using Twitter for business has become a viable marketing and communication source for most businesses.  The way in which businesses capitalized on their Twitter presence is varied and has also evolved since Twitter’s inception. Primarily businesses are using Twitter as an informative tool or a tool to establish and engage customers and prospects in conversation.

If you’re developing a Twitter strategy for your business it is very important to establish your goals with respect to your Twitter marketing. There are two main questions that you need to address when developing your Twitter campaigns.

1 – Will we use our Twitter campaign to inform customers about our brand and products? This approach is typically most prominent when businesses launch their inaugural campaigns.

2- Will we use our Twitter campaign to interact with customers and prospects to drive conversations about our product or service?

This approach also works well, however it is important to note that using Twitter to stir conversation with customers can quickly evolve into an extension of your customer service department which may or may not expose customer service issues to quite a large audience. Conversely, if properly orchestrated Twitter can serve as an additional soundboard for positive buzz about your company.

Most firms that use Twitter for business initially take the “let’s poke it with a stick and see what happens” approach. This approach can lead to varied results due to the lack of well defined goals.

This approach can also lead to varied results including lots of Twitter activity but little or nothing to show for your efforts. In some cases it can diminish your efforts because your branding message becomes diminished, diluted and sometimes reaches market segments that are simply irrelevant to your initial targeting goals.

The first question to ask is “Why the heck are we using Twitter?” What do we want to accomplish on the Twitter platform? Are we using Twitter as a tool to inform or are we using Twitter as a tool to extend our conversation with interested parties?”

When you are considering the use of Twitter as a viable commercial communication tool answer these questions first and your Twitter marketing efforts take on new meaning.

Each Twitter marketing strategy, the informative approach and the conversational approach are easily executable. In addition, both have an equal chance of stimulating successful returns. It is however important to realize that each strategy constitutes two separate and distinct mindsets if you plan on delivering measureable and long term results. It’s not uncommon that some firms will actually set up two separate Twitter accounts that address each one of these Twitter marketing goals.

Using Twitter to Inform:

If you’re using Twitter as an informative tool, your Tweets are typically comprised of blog posts, customer testimonials and opinions, press releases, articles relevant to your industry or business niche, sales promotions, Twitter-only discounts, and upcoming trade shows. This approach lends itself to educating customers and prospective clients about your company activities and sets the stage for initial branding that can lead to multiple opportunities for long term brand recognition.

There are distinct advantages to this approach from a deployment stand point. Informational Twitter marketing can typically be outsourced, therefore your deployment cost can be minimized. This eliminates the need to have a designated staffer to manage repetitive tasks and daily maintenance activities. It’s still a good idea to monitor content for accuracy on a regular basis to insure the continuity of your message.

You can also use advanced Twitter filters to target your audience with respect to informative Twitter marketing (see Using Twitter Operators For Market Targeting available on this site), to further streamline your target marketing.

The down side of this approach (if you consider it a downside) is that you need to insure that all content is valuable and meaningful. Generic content simply won’t get the job done here. You’ll need to deliver content that truly informs and adds value for your audience.

You should insure that you are distributing real news, attractive sales promotions, significant and helpful insights about subject matter that is of true interest to the reader. Make sure that you are delivering attention getting copy that encourages responses. Understanding the pitfalls of interactive media will carry you a long way here.

The level of useless “noise” on Twitter is immense, empty content only adds to quantity of distractions that are ever so present. This is why you need to make sure that your content is consistent and delivers “all meat” no fluff as your Twitter presence evolves into a legitimate information source that effectively brands your company.

Analytics and Monitoring:
How do you measure your effectiveness when using this approach? As with any form of online marketing you should specifically track visitors that you attract from your Twitter campaign.

Referrals that originate from Twitter should be sent to specific landing pages and not to the generic index page of your domain. Use a unique and traceable URL in your Tweets. This will easily allow you to track Twitter respondents and monitor conversions that include your company and brand.

It is also important that you develop a specific traffic management strategy with respect to your Twitter landing pages that direct visitors from your landing page to content that is relevant to your Tweets. This insures consistency with respect to content consumption.

Using Twitter To Stir Conversation

Using Twitter as a conversational vehicle complies fully with the spirit of true social media marketing. This approach employs the same techniques used by most social media marketers. This strategy emphasizes human interaction and encourages communications on a more personal level. The objective is to make your firm more “personally and less awkward with respect to initial contact and interaction”.

The personal aspects of this approach become very important. As relationships grow and communication is nurtured, many of your followers may Retweet your content. Of course this provides additional exposure for your company and your brand. This is core to the development of new business and prospects. An interactive Twitter marketing strategy that focuses on social media engagement offers tremendous rewards with respect to new sales, enhanced branding, relationship building, and heightened SEO value. The links in your Tweets are easily picked up by Google and other major search engines which create back links to your core sites.

One thing that you should consider if you’re going to employ this strategy is the need for adequate internal support. A conversational Twitter identity needs to have a personal face because people like to talk about other people not brands, products or logos. People want to talk to other people, they are not interested in interacting with a company entity.

When employing a conversational strategy it is important that there is a specific human face that represents your company and brand. This is extremely important because conversations on Twitter typically occur in real time so there needs to be someone available to respond when your company is engaged by a Tweetster. I would suggest keeping the management of this internal as it insures that your Tweets are consistent to company policy, company philosophy and helps to limit the risk of steering off message with respect to your Twitter marketing goals.

The conversational approach to Twitter marketing is quite different in that your Tweets should be well blended with varied subject matter to further humanize your Twitter presence. A good way to accomplish this is to use a blend of quotes, CLEAN jokes, follower retweets, retweets from leaders within your market segment, interesting targeted video, specially selected company promotional tweets, and efforts to connect like users. This keeps your tweets interesting, diverse which injects the human touch that is required to encourage conversational interaction.

Analytics and Monitoring:
Analytics and monitoring for conversational Twitter marketing tend to follow the same guidelines that we’ve discussed for informational Twitter marketing. As with any form of online marketing you should track visitors, develop specific landing pages and manage traffic paths derived from your Twitter traffic. Once again, you will want to use unique and specific URL’s in your Tweets that can be tracked.

Don’t underestimate the importance of specific traffic management strategies when employing this approach. Traffic gained from your Twitter marketing campaigns should have a specific predetermined traffic path that maximizes content consumption and provides opportunities for new visitors to further interact with your company, your products and your brand.

If there is a drawback to this approach it is simply the time involved to establish these new relationships. It is important to understand that this approach typically doesn’t happen overnight and requires a little nurturing as the strategy unfolds and takes hold. The good news with respect to this approach is that relationships developed in this manner tend to cultivate long term loyalty with respect to company branding and long term loyalty.

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