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How To Use Twitter To Attract New Clients?

Written on October 21, 2015 by

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When speaking with business clients, one of the most common questions I hear is:

“How do I use Twitter to attract new clients?

The answer – Get more Twitter followers…

Though this sounds like an easy task, for some it can be quite an undertaking.

Here’s a few of my favorite ways to increase twitter followers FAST.

When trying to get more Twitter followers for business purposes, one of the first things you’ll want to do is post a variety of interesting tweets. These Tweets should be comprised of useful tips, quotes, video, pictures, ReTweets from other users and ReTweets from authority figures within your targeted niche.

In addition to “tweeting” interesting and informative content, it is also VERY important to fill out your twitter profile “BIO” carefully and thoughtfully (you can see this field on the right side of your twitter profile which describes what your twitter account is about).

I would highly suggest that you include some interesting and informative info about you. This I very important because people like to feel like they are exchanging Tweets with a REAL person not just an organization.

Some research even suggests that if you provide BIO information the number of people who will follow you back is significantly greater than if you leave this important area of your Twitter account blank.

Another very important element of getting  twitter followers is your twitter profile image. Using colorful images (preferably of a “person” not an “object “) instead of the default image is much more noticeable and will yield much better results.

If you plan on leveraging Twitter for business it is imperative that you use a well-designed “custom Twitter background. This background should be consistent to the look and feel of your business colors and preferably consistent to the colors associated with your web site. This will contribute greatly to your “branding” efforts.

If you’re not a graphic designer or have trouble with graphics try visiting this link where you can download twitter background images for FREE: FREE Twitter backgrounds download

One of the easiest ways to find interesting people that will typically follow you back is to visit Twitter Directories. Here’s a few of the best Twitter Directories where you can find people  to follow that typical follow you back.

geofollow.com .

Many of the Twitter Directories allow you to search and find targeted people under relevant categories.

I would suggest that you find people who have lots of followers (at least 10,000 or more) as these people generally did not gain this number of followers by ignoring those who have followed them.

If you want to get ‘targeted’ followers (people who are interested in a specific market or business niche) one of the best way to do this is to find Twitter profiles with the same subject matter that interest you.  Once you find a “like profile”, simply follow “their” followers.

In addition, you can also find targeted people to follow (once you’ve gained a 1000 followers or so…) by logging into this service, MyTweeple.com with your twitter profile username and password and searching through your followers (you do this by clicking on link ‘Your Followers’ and by sorting them clicking on drop down menu in which you can sort them by number of followers).

Another very important thing to remember is that after following a large block of uses you should wait for at least 24 hours prior to repeating this process. Following and Unfollowing large blocks of users in a single 24 hour period could result in a suspended Twitter account, therefore be very careful with respect to the time frames when you engage in  this type of activity.

There is one awesome automated twitter tool that I highly recommend that could be very useful with respect to this process (mass following/unfollowing). This twitter tool is called TweetAttacks. With this automated twitter tool you can unfollow all those that don’t follow you with one single click and also with one click to follow someone else’s followers. If you’re planning on leveraging Twitter for business this tool can save you quite a bit of time and effort. The tool also has many other useful features that can help you build a nice Twitter following and provide you with opportunities to increase prospects and clients.

 CLICK HERE to find out more about this automated twitter tool

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