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Using Twitter Operators for Market Targeting

Written on October 14, 2015 by

Filed Under: Twitter Marketing

Using Twitter Operators for Market Targeting

Though Twitter is an excellent tool for targeting specific niches, many businesses have yet to harness the full power of Twitter’s advanced search capabilities. These useful features can fine tune your online marketing efforts and energize your Twitter advertising campaigns.

In fact, one of the most useful features offered by Twitter is the advanced search feature. Understanding Twitter’s advanced search feature can help you “zero in” on specific followers, conversations and topics relevant to your Twitter market segment.

Let’s take a look at a few of the advanced Twitter search operators that can help businesses take full advantage of their Twitter marketing campaigns.

Using the Twitter “Location” Search Filter

By simply using the “near:” operator you can filter tweets that mention specific content relative to your “targeted keyword” and add an identifiable locale indicator. This approach is extremely useful when you want to target Tweeters in specific locations.

For example, I might use a specific location filter to find people mentioning Bowties (a men’s store in Chicago) without finding every mention of the garment that men wear, or other non-relevant results, the filter might look like this:

  • bowties near:Chicago
  • bowties near:Chicago within:20mi

Searching by location can be extremely useful, but it is important to keep in mind that your advanced search will miss specific tweets from people with invalid, bogus or improperly formatted location information. Recently, the location search was almost rendered useless when many users around the world opted to set their Twitter location to Tehran, Iran during the Iranian elections and political unrest. Of course, this totally skewed the effective use of this filter because of invalid location information settings of users. Regardless of the occasional drawbacks and glitches, filtering your Twitter searches by locale can geographically target your Twitter marketing.

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Twitter Power 2.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

Written on October 9, 2015 by

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    5 Twitter Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague

    Written on October 6, 2015 by

    Filed Under: Twitter Marketing

    Twitter continues to evolve into a major advertising force for business of all sorts.  Businesses are using tweets to create additional branding for their products and services and communicate with their clients and prospects. The fact that Twitter is a real time medium has truly attracted many firms to the platform and indications are this trend will not dwindle as some initially suggested.

    Because Twitter is a social networking medium and not just a distribution channel for promotional copy we have identified a few pitfalls that you may want to avoid if you’re new to Twitter marketing.  Neophyte Twitter marketers fall prey to these simple mistakes that invariably sabotage their marketing efforts and dilute Twitter followers.

    1 – Using The Wrong Image On Your Twitter Profile

    If you’re trying to create buzz on Twitter and attract people to your offerings the last thing you need is anonymity.  Remember, Twitter is a “social” network; therefore people are attracted to following other “people”.  If you have chosen an image for your Twitter profile that is not consistent with your business, product or service, you have immediately sabotaged your efforts.  Personalize your Twitter profile with an image that is consistent to your marketing campaign. This enhances the value of your brand and attracts others that are interested in your niche.

    2- Using A Generic Twitter Page Design For Your Twitter Profile Page

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the default Twitter page designs if you’re going to be Tweeting about what you had for dinner last night or who you happen to think the most popular celebrity happens to be… however, if you’re trying to develop a following for commercial purposes I’m afraid this approach just won’t cut it. Take a look at the most popular profiles… they’re all highly personalized to reflect a specific brand or business niche.

    Take your time and make the effort to personalize your Twitter profile. Make sure it is consistent with the message and the theme that you’re trying to convey. You can purchase a customized Twitter profile or have someone actually customize your Twitter profile to reflect the look and feel of your commercial offering.

    A generic Twitter profile when used for commercial exposure simply sends the wrong measure.

    3- You Constantly Tweet Promotions And Advertisements To Your Followers!

    Entering into the Twitter realm is like walking into a convention hall that’s filled with thousands of people, with a multitude of interest.  Some of these people may very well be interested in your offers, but some simply won’t be. Imagine walking into this type of environment, totally new, with no relationship ties established. You then proceed to stand on a table and shout promotional lines and persuasive statements about your offers in hopes to gain recognition and exposure. This strategy probably won’t go over very well.

    Think about it, do you enjoy being bombarded with commercial based conversations by friends and associates? Probably not… right?

    If you were to walk into that convention hall, stand on a table and begin shouting about your great product, service or offering that’s exactly what you are doing. Unfortunately, this is the default behavior of most Twitter newcomers. This will quickly get you tagged as a Twitter spammer. Avoid this behavior like the plague. Mix up your tweets. Throw in a little humor, a famous quote, a funny video and gently mix in your promotions. Get personal to develop new relationships that allow you to cultivate new prospects. Remember, Twitter is simply an introductory medium. The final objective is to encourage a visit to your web site and ultimately to your opt-in form. Here’s a better approach…

    Do your homework… search for Twitter conversations that reflect “mutual interest”, then simply approach a person or two, by contributing to the conversation.  This approach lays the foundation for reciprocal conversation which could lead to new relationships and ultimately more business prospects.

    Don’t make the mistake of bombarding the Twitter community with a constant string of promotional Tweets about your products, services or programs. Twitter is first and foremost a “social networking” medium. A place to exchange ideas, exchange conversation and interact with others on subject matter that is of mutual interest. Do yourself a favor and mix up those Tweets instead of deploying a constant string of promotional copy.

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    Turbo Charging Your Company’s Twitter Marketing Debut…

    Written on September 28, 2015 by

    Filed Under: Twitter Marketing

    Using Twitter for business has become a viable marketing and communication source for most businesses.  The way in which businesses capitalized on their Twitter presence is varied and has also evolved since Twitter’s inception. Primarily businesses are using Twitter as an informative tool or a tool to establish and engage customers and prospects in conversation.

    If you’re developing a Twitter strategy for your business it is very important to establish your goals with respect to your Twitter marketing. There are two main questions that you need to address when developing your Twitter campaigns.

    1 – Will we use our Twitter campaign to inform customers about our brand and products? This approach is typically most prominent when businesses launch their inaugural campaigns.

    2- Will we use our Twitter campaign to interact with customers and prospects to drive conversations about our product or service?

    This approach also works well, however it is important to note that using Twitter to stir conversation with customers can quickly evolve into an extension of your customer service department which may or may not expose customer service issues to quite a large audience. Conversely, if properly orchestrated Twitter can serve as an additional soundboard for positive buzz about your company.

    Most firms that use Twitter for business initially take the “let’s poke it with a stick and see what happens” approach. This approach can lead to varied results due to the lack of well defined goals.

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