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Turbo Charging Your Company’s Twitter Marketing Debut…

Written on October 10, 2014 by

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Using Twitter for business has become a viable marketing and communication source for most businesses.  The way in which businesses capitalized on their Twitter presence is varied and has also evolved since Twitter’s inception. Primarily businesses are using Twitter as an informative tool or a tool to establish and engage customers and prospects in conversation.

If you’re developing a Twitter strategy for your business it is very important to establish your goals with respect to your Twitter marketing. There are two main questions that you need to address when developing your Twitter campaigns.

1 – Will we use our Twitter campaign to inform customers about our brand and products? This approach is typically most prominent when businesses launch their inaugural campaigns.

2- Will we use our Twitter campaign to interact with customers and prospects to drive conversations about our product or service?

This approach also works well, however it is important to note that using Twitter to stir conversation with customers can quickly evolve into an extension of your customer service department which may or may not expose customer service issues to quite a large audience. Conversely, if properly orchestrated Twitter can serve as an additional soundboard for positive buzz about your company.

Most firms that use Twitter for business initially take the “let’s poke it with a stick and see what happens” approach. This approach can lead to varied results due to the lack of well defined goals.

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